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"Emancipation of dissonance never happened'; interview with composer & classical guitarist David Braid

“Emancipation of dissonance never happened’; interview with composer & classical guitarist David Braid

An interview with classical guitarist and composer David Braid with his musical influences and some strong views on musicology, the emancipation of dissonance and state funding of art… What was your route to becoming a composer? Circuitous but always inevitable – from early piano/violin lessons to guitar strumming from a singing nun when I was 10...
Jukedeck; interview with Ed Rex

Jukedeck; interview with Ed Rex

Entrepreneur, composer and writer Ed Rex launched Jukedeck last month. A choristor and choral scholar at King’s Cambridge, where he later read Music, Ed’s pieces have been published by Novello and Boosey & Hawkes. Ed also writes about about arts and technology for The Spectator. What is Jukedeck? Jukedeck is responsive music software – a computer program that...
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