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'On Beethoven'; interview with John Lill

‘On Beethoven’; interview with John Lill

When looking at one of Turner’s paintings, a lady asked the painter, ‘Why do you paint all those colours in the sky; when I look at the sky, I don’t see those colours’. ‘No Madam’, Turner replied, ‘but don’t you wish you could?’. The spiritual For the great pianist John Lill, Turner’s sense of going...
Jeffrey Siegel 'Keyboard Conversations': Chopin

Jeffrey Siegel ‘Keyboard Conversations’: Chopin

Jeffrey Siegel spoke and performed at Kings Place, bringing Chopin’s music alive with his anecdotes, analysis and interpretation. The second of his three-part series of ‘Keyboard Conversations’ are wonderfully designed to enhance the listener’s experience of the music, making it more focused and accessible. ‘Cat’ Waltz, op. 34 no. 3 Siegel told the charming (and...
World Online Orchestra

World Online Orchestra

The first online collaborative orchestra, the¬†World Online Orchestra (WOO), was launched in January 2014 by the Copenhagen Philharmonic together with Helios Design Labs and Makropol.¬†Using Beethoven’s 7th Symphony mov II for the beta launch, WOO is an interactive symphony that allows the listener to direct what they are listening to. Each of the 45 musicians...
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