'Music and Advertising'

‘Music and Advertising’

Natasha Baldwin – Group President of Imagem – Anna Jaskiewicz – Head of A&R and Sync from Manners MacDade – and Jeremy Holland-Smith – prominent composer for advertising, TV and film spoke at a Noted event about music and advertising. The Composer Jeremy described how briefs come in with visuals and a temp score, advising...
'Music Management Undressed'

‘Music Management Undressed’

Mark Newbanks, founder of Fidelio Arts, and Simon Burke-Kennedy, of Bitter and Twisted, spoke at ‘Music Management Undressed’, the first of a new cultural event series hosted by Noted. Comparing what turned out to be the hugely differing worlds of classical and pop music management, it appears that the two almost have even less in common...
Alfred Brendel lecture: 'A Pianist's A to Z' in memory of Isaiah Berlin

Alfred Brendel lecture: ‘A Pianist’s A to Z’ in memory of Isaiah Berlin

Pianist Arthur Schnabel, faced with the question: ‘Do you play with feeling or in time?’ replied, ‘Why shouldn’t I be feeling in time?’ Alfred Brendel spoke at Wolfson College, Oxford, for the Isaiah Berlin memorial lecture on Thursday 30th May. Brendel’s lecture was warm, light-hearted and insightful, and brought to life central musicological and performance issues...
Faster than Sound: bridging musical genres and digital art

Faster than Sound: bridging musical genres and digital art

Faster Than Sound is a groundbreaking series curated by Aldeburgh Music that joins the dots between musical genres and digital art forms and bringing the Aldeburgh festival into the 21st century. In five week-long residencies each year, the Faster Than Sound series places strong emphasis on emerging technologies to help create new cross-art collaborations. The...
Wagner's funeral music: notes on 130th anniversary of Wagner's death

Wagner’s funeral music: notes on 130th anniversary of Wagner’s death

2013: Wagner Year 2013 is the year of both the 200th anniversary of Wagner’s birth (22nd May) and the 130th anniversary of his death (13th February). Celebrations are taking place around the world to mark his bicentenary, particularly in Leipzig and Bayreuth, and at The Met, Royal Opera House and La Scala. The project ‘From...
Philip Glass turns 75: 'Koyaanisqatsi', Ravi Shankar collaboration 'Passages', and 'Satyagraha'

Philip Glass turns 75: ‘Koyaanisqatsi’, Ravi Shankar collaboration ‘Passages’, and ‘Satyagraha’

Philip Glass – hailed as the most well-known living composer today – celebrates his 75th birthday this weekend at the Barbican with a live screening of Godfrey Reggio’s 1982 film, Koyaanisqatsi. Reggio created a ‘visual tone poem’ tracing the collision between man and technology with juxtaposing images of American landscapes and cities. Glass wrote the...
Ravi Shankar on improvisation

Ravi Shankar on improvisation

‘As far as improvisation and ideas, I mean I never had it before like this. It is such a joy and ecstasy. It is like I’m being sent ideas after ideas, it comes like sea waves. It is so spontaneous that I am wondering myself “Oh how beautiful it is I wish I can remember...
Emotion from music: real or fictional?

Emotion from music: real or fictional?

In Alan Yentob’s recent BBC programme How Music Makes Us Feel, he discusses the links between music and emotion, physical characteristics of these emotions (such as why babies move to music), and why music enters where words leave off. Whilst Yentob perhaps focuses too much on the composer’s intentions rather than how the effects of these...
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