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'On Beethoven'; interview with John Lill

‘On Beethoven’; interview with John Lill

When looking at one of Turner’s paintings, a lady asked the painter, ‘Why do you paint all those colours in the sky; when I look at the sky, I don’t see those colours’. ‘No Madam’, Turner replied, ‘but don’t you wish you could?’. The spiritual For the great pianist John Lill, Turner’s sense of going...
Jeffrey Siegel 'Keyboard Conversations': Chopin

Jeffrey Siegel ‘Keyboard Conversations’: Chopin

Jeffrey Siegel spoke and performed at Kings Place, bringing Chopin’s music alive with his anecdotes, analysis and interpretation. The second of his three-part series of ‘Keyboard Conversations’ are wonderfully designed to enhance the listener’s experience of the music, making it more focused and accessible. ‘Cat’ Waltz, op. 34 no. 3 Siegel told the charming (and...
World Online Orchestra

World Online Orchestra

The first online collaborative orchestra, the World Online Orchestra (WOO), was launched in January 2014 by the Copenhagen Philharmonic together with Helios Design Labs and Makropol. Using Beethoven’s 7th Symphony mov II for the beta launch, WOO is an interactive symphony that allows the listener to direct what they are listening to. Each of the 45 musicians...
"Emancipation of dissonance never happened'; interview with composer & classical guitarist David Braid

“Emancipation of dissonance never happened’; interview with composer & classical guitarist David Braid

An interview with classical guitarist and composer David Braid with his musical influences and some strong views on musicology, the emancipation of dissonance and state funding of art… What was your route to becoming a composer? Circuitous but always inevitable – from early piano/violin lessons to guitar strumming from a singing nun when I was 10...
Jukedeck; interview with Ed Rex

Jukedeck; interview with Ed Rex

Entrepreneur, composer and writer Ed Rex launched Jukedeck last month. A choristor and choral scholar at King’s Cambridge, where he later read Music, Ed’s pieces have been published by Novello and Boosey & Hawkes. Ed also writes about about arts and technology for The Spectator. What is Jukedeck? Jukedeck is responsive music software – a computer program that...
'Music and Advertising'

‘Music and Advertising’

Natasha Baldwin – Group President of Imagem – Anna Jaskiewicz – Head of A&R and Sync from Manners MacDade – and Jeremy Holland-Smith – prominent composer for advertising, TV and film spoke at a Noted event about music and advertising. The Composer Jeremy described how briefs come in with visuals and a temp score, advising...
Schubert's Sonata Form: analysis of Schubert's A minor Piano Sonata D.845

Schubert’s Sonata Form: analysis of Schubert’s A minor Piano Sonata D.845

Structure Schubert’s A minor piano sonata D.845 is in a fairly conventional sonata form though with an inverted sense of development and ambiguity over the beginning of the recapitulation. The structure can be seen to be as follows: Structure Bar Numbers Tonality Time code in video Exposition 1-90 A-C 0’’-2’ 13’’ First Subject 1-26 A...
Sven Helbig Interview: Pocket Symphonies

Sven Helbig Interview: Pocket Symphonies

An interview with Sven Helbig on his new album Pocket Symphonies and the future of classical music, held at Saatchi & Saatchi, London 30th July 2013. Could you tell us a little bit about Pocket Symphonies, when you started composing it and the inspiration behind it? I’ve been locking myself away for one year. This album is special for me...
'Music Management Undressed'

‘Music Management Undressed’

Mark Newbanks, founder of Fidelio Arts, and Simon Burke-Kennedy, of Bitter and Twisted, spoke at ‘Music Management Undressed’, the first of a new cultural event series hosted by Noted. Comparing what turned out to be the hugely differing worlds of classical and pop music management, it appears that the two almost have even less in common...
Garsington Opera: Mozart, die Entführung and...Abramovich

Garsington Opera: Mozart, die Entführung and…Abramovich

Amidst stormy skies, ample bubbly and extremely well-spoken young scouts helping with people’s hampers, the audience assembled for Mozart’s early opera Die Entfürhung aus dem Serail. The outwardly simple set had an impressive array of cut outs in the house wall and it was clear we were going to be treated with ample revolving windows...
Alfred Brendel lecture: 'A Pianist's A to Z' in memory of Isaiah Berlin

Alfred Brendel lecture: ‘A Pianist’s A to Z’ in memory of Isaiah Berlin

Pianist Arthur Schnabel, faced with the question: ‘Do you play with feeling or in time?’ replied, ‘Why shouldn’t I be feeling in time?’ Alfred Brendel spoke at Wolfson College, Oxford, for the Isaiah Berlin memorial lecture on Thursday 30th May. Brendel’s lecture was warm, light-hearted and insightful, and brought to life central musicological and performance issues...
Review: ENO Wozzeck

Review: ENO Wozzeck

Carrie Cracknell’s ENO production of Alban Berg’s Wozzeck was a mixture of immensely powerful and marginally confusing in parts – for what is essentially a very simple story line, the plot felt slightly complicated. However, the last thirty minutes, from when Wozzeck finally kills his wife Marie, are hugely intense, powerful and gripping. Imagery and psychological turmoil...
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